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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Find the Fuel for Your Creative Fire

Creative Pursuits:

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.

Pablo Picasso

Picasso's right. The hardest thing for an adult in any creative project is to bring a child's creative energy to their artistic pursuits. In this ten week workshop, participants will return to play as they learn new and interesting ideas that will help them find their way to fulfilling artistic and creative lives. Over time, the workshop attendees will learn about:
  1. What creativity is and how our brain operates when being creative,
  2. The various successful processes to becoming more creative including the nine basic types of creative thought,
  3. Ways to maximize your creative potential,
  4. Techniques for defeating your inner critic,
  5. Methods to maintaining a creative life in the face of the ordinary one,
  6. Ways to work collaboratively with other artists, and
  7. Creative techniques to find and mine your personal creative gold including skill development in the use of observation, empathetic thinking, playing and imaging.
Each workshop will focus on exercises to help the participant develop the skills in the various topics discussed each week. It is interactive and participants will be expected to work as individuals and in groups. There will be a weekly project which focuses on that week's creative technique. Notes of the discussion/lecture will be provided each week as well. This workshop is appropriate for creatives and artists of all levels.

While each workshop is self-contained and can be attended in isolation, all workshops build on skills developed each week. The final two weeks follow a four week hiatus during which time attendees will work on a creative project of their own choosing for presentation to your fellow creatives during the final two workshops. Pre-registration is required for the final workshops.

Dates and Time: Wednesdays from 6:30 -9:00 pm commencing September 20, 2017 and running to November 8, 2017. Final two workshops are on December 6 and 13, 2017 
Times: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Location: 618 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC
Instructor: David Blinkhorn

Cost: $25 per session or you can purchase a card for classes in the following denominations: 4 workshops: $95, 6 workshops; $135, 8 workshops: $170, all ten workshops: $190 (cards are non-transferable). Attendees who wish to attend the final two workshops must register for a minimum of four workshops before qualifying to attend in December.

Register prior to August 24, 2017 and receive an additional 10% off. Registration for this workshop is capped at fourteen individuals.

To register or for more information, email fvwschool@gmail.com

Here's what attendees have said about David Blinkhorn's Creativity workshops:

Take this workshop. It's creative, thoughtful, encouraging. It'll loosen up your brain, free it from its rut. You'll laugh and learn.”

Take David Blinkhorn's class: You'll learn handy and thoughtful tips for writing (and living as a writer). The activities are fun and you get some useful handouts to remind you of what you can do- because you laugh so much, you might forget some 'nitty gritty' important detail.”

This workshop was so much fun! We laughed and there even some tears as we wrote about being certain objects. David Blinkhorn always presents with so much fun and creativity of his own to help us with our own “Creative Pursuits”! It is so helpful to know now that becoming an object or what we see around us can open up our creativity and help us write more openly and freely.”

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